Help! Please!!

I was using Netscape Communicator 4.7 for my email uses and enjoyed it
immensely. But late Friday I got an error message about running out of disk
space or a read/write permission to the file structure was not granted.
Something was said about a period at the end of an address could cause this
particular error. After looking for an hour, no period. But I found SeaMonkey. I installed it and it worked fine. It even automatically imported my settings,
address book and previous emails.

Then I made the fatal mistake of uninstalling Netscape. I even answered
no to do I wish to remove all components. SeaMonkey has not worked since. I
went back in to the trash bin all restored all. But SeaMonkey still does not
work. I am presently using Windows Live so as to not create a problem in any

Can someone help me restore my previous emails and address book?

Thank you in advance,


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