RGWv wrote:

Help! Please!!

I was using Netscape Communicator 4.7 for my email uses and enjoyed it
immensely. But late Friday I got an error message about running out of disk
space or a read/write permission to the file structure was not granted.
Something was said about a period at the end of an address could cause this
particular error. After looking for an hour, no period. But I found SeaMonkey. I installed it and it worked fine. It even automatically imported my settings,
address book and previous emails.

Then I made the fatal mistake of uninstalling Netscape. I even answered
no to do I wish to remove all components. SeaMonkey has not worked since. I
went back in to the trash bin all restored all. But SeaMonkey still does not work. I am presently using Windows Live so as to not create a problem in any

Can someone help me restore my previous emails and address book?

Thank you in advance,


Bob, your incoming mail is stored in a file called "inbox" without the "'s and no extension.

Have a look at:-

to see if you need to un-hide your files, then do a Windows "Find Files and Folders" to see if your inbox still exists.

If you find it, report back and someone here will be able to tell you how to restore things.

If you don't find it, then I'm sorry, it's gone.

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