Mike C wrote:
John wrote:
I've been using SeaMonkey, and before that the Mozilla Suite and
Netscape for email for over 10 years. I have my "inbox" contents sorted
into numerous sub-folders. I keep most non-spam emails indefinitely for
future reference. I estimate that I currently have over 30,000 messages
in these folders. There are over 10,000 messages in my "sent" folder.

Is there any specific limit to the number of messages I can save in this manner? Is there any way of moving older messages to a different location so they don't have to be loaded every time I start the program and still have the ability to easily search and read them when necessary?

What I want to avoid is a sudden crash caused by too many messages which would cause me to lose everything. (I do backup these folders on a regular basis). Thanks!

If there's a limit it's more than 3000. (I've seen that many)
I think it's limitless except for the size of your hard drive.

I though I read somewhere here-abouts that people were having trouble with mail folders that were over 2Gbyte (or 4Gbyte, maybe)

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