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I appreciate your response to my message. I, however, need some elementary level instructions on how such an archive system is installed on a computer. I am using Windows XP Pro SP3 and SeaMonkey 1.1.17 without any modification to folder/file/etc.locations.

In the mail window, click the account name to select it. Do File | New | Folder... and give the folder any name you like. You will be prompted to make it a top-level folder or a subfolder of an existing folder. Do this as many times as necessary to create the folder structure you want.

        Note 1: If you select a folder, the menu will say File |
        New | Subfolder... and assume you want to create a
        subfolder of the selected one. You can opt out, but this
        is a convenient way of creating several subfolders of
        the same folder without having to navigate to it each time.

        Note 2: If you get the structure wrong or change your mind,
        you can drag and drop a folder into another folder. To make
        it a top-level folder, drag and drop it to the account name.

When you're satisfied with the folder structure, just drag and drop your messages to the appropriate folders. You can use standard Windows selection shortcuts (click... SHIFT-click selects a contiguous series of messages, click... CTRL-click selects a discontiguous series).

When you have all your messages in the appropriate folders, do File | Compact Folders, sit back, and wait.

As for backing up your hard disk, that's beyond the scope of this manual. ;-) But highly recommended.

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