Hi, Paul. To answer your last question first just go to your personal "MY GROUPS" page. Then if you have a lot of groups [as I do] scroll down and find the one you want to edit [you may have multiple pages of groups as I do]. Next, click on EDIT MY GROUPS. Under the MESSAGE DELIVERY header of this group select the drop down box and choose DAILY DIGEST.

I appreciate the info on Mozilla News. When you say, "...Click the account "Mozilla News," what page are you on in order to find Mozilla News? So far I just handle everything as emails. I'm sending myself a copy of this message so I can file the info on newsgroups.


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James wrote:

> Hi, Paul.  Please see notes below...
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>> James wrote:
>>> > I'm new here so I've missed all the other posts on this topic.
>> If you have a decent news reader (your headers don't show what program >> you're using, and giganews.com says they don't offer >> mozilla.support.seamonkey), nothing is lost -- the whole thread is >> there waiting for you to read. Just show the whole thread. I can't >> tell you how without knowing what program you're using. >>
> What I use is Seamonkey 1.1.16. I don't seem to have any of the options > below under "view" when I have the digest of this group open [as I do > now]. The digest comes through as a single text file with all the > messages of the day in it. Most of my email is Yahoo digests and one > [and only one] of them comes through the same way. Is there a better > way to read the group's posts?
> ...

I like SeaMonkey's own news reader. Click the account "Mozilla News," choose "Manage newsgroup subscriptions," and subscribe to mozilla.support.seamonkey. You will be prompted to download all the existing "headers," which may be several thousand, and you can choose whether to do that, or download some subset while marking everything else as read, or just download a certain number (e.g., 500) without marking the rest.

From then on, whenever you return to that folder (newsgroup), SeaMonkey will automatically download the new headers (not the whole messages, just the headers). You can then sort as I described in my previous message, mark messages as read, kill entire threads, etc. If you decide to read a particular message, click its subject line and SeaMonkey will download the body.

If you want to mark a bunch of messages as read without downloading them, close the preview pane and use standard Windows selection conventions to select consecutive or nonconsecutive messages, then press "m" to toggle read/unread. There are other keyboard shortcuts.

Now it's my turn: I wasn't aware that a digest was available -- how do you do that?

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