Paul B. Gallagher wrote:

James wrote:

Hi, Paul. To answer your last question first just go to your personal "MY GROUPS" page.


  Good question, Paul. It isn't self-evident, is it.

  keith whaley

Then if you have a lot of groups [as I do] scroll down and find the
one you want to edit [you may have multiple pages of groups as I do].
Next, click on EDIT MY GROUPS.  Under the MESSAGE DELIVERY header of
this group select the drop down box and choose DAILY DIGEST.

I appreciate the info on Mozilla News. When you say, "...Click the account "Mozilla News," what page are you on in order to find Mozilla
News?  So far I just handle everything as emails.  I'm sending
myself a copy of this message so I can file the info on newsgroups.

It's a mail/news account just like my other email accounts, appears at the bottom of the email page right under "Local Folders."

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