On Thu, 18 Jun 2009 11:53:14 -0700, Brian Mailman wrote:
> SM 1.1.16 here...
> Win XP
> I used to be able to move a newsgroup name to where I wanted it by just 
> drag-and-dropping.  I've added one and it's at the bottom of the list. 
> I want to move it to near a related group, but dragging-and-dropping 
> isn't working.  What should I do?

Prior to SM 2.0a? you couldn't move newsgroups around in the folder
list. You might have been able to do that in Netscape 4x but that was
before my time. I think that there was also an extension that allows you
to do this in Thunderbird and possibly SeaMonkey. If you were using an
extension to move your newsgroups around, then try reinstalling that.


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