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Paul, as I said: All that's below LOCAL FOLDERS is UNSENT MESSAGES and TRASH. I don't have any of the others that you show. There is one other account [my email account] that has everything else in it, but it is above LOCAL FOLDERS. All of my folders are in my email account.

Please don't start a new thread if you can avoid it, unless you're changing the topic.

From what you say, I gather you've never set up any newsgroup accounts, so naturally you don't have any.

In the SeaMonkey help file, look for the topic "Setting up Additional Mail and Newsgroup Accounts" for an overview of the procedure.

In the dialog that appears when you ask to create a new "account," you can call the account whatever you like; I use "Mozilla News." The server name should be news.mozilla.org on port 119 (the default). Don't enable SSL.

If you want, you can go back after the dialog closes and tweak the settings just as you would for a mail account. For example, I use a different sig here than I do for my business account, because I don't want my business contact info published here. I also use a different email address here (a munged version of my real one); this doesn't affect my email accounts.

Once you have the news server set up as an "account," you can then subscribe to any of the newsgroups on that server. This group is mozilla.support.seamonkey.

You can follow the same procedure to subscribe to groups on other news servers, but they will be treated as different "accounts."

If you decide later that you don't like this way of managing newsgroups, you can delete the "account" the same way as you would delete an unused mail account. This will eliminate your subscriptions to all groups on that server.

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