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I see no indication that anything has been stripped out en route (by antivirus software, for example). My local AV log shows nothing, too. So I don't get the point of it...

Two things are possible. First, it didn't bounce: your email address has been verified as existing, more junk may be on its way. Second, there's a URL in the message id. If something links to that, it may open a malicious web site (I'm not going there to find out). There may be other possibilities I've missed.

Actually, is my mail host's website, so if there's malware there, I'm in big trouble. ;-)

Could this be a glitch in their mail processing software? I'll ask...

I think that you did not get spam.
There is no url on your message - so no malicious things :-)
The you see is the last part of the message ID of the mail. (all is normal)

Doing some research on the web, i have found a reception of a similar mail. The problem came from the mail server .. or something like that.

Here is the "Site Administrator" answer:

Okay, it seems it was a booboo with the postfix aliases on an internal mail server. An address which should have been aliased to /dev/null was actually aliased to mailer-daemon. Anything that winds up at mailer-daemon gets sent out to our general mailing list, hence you all got that mail. oops!

sorry, everyone. just a mistake, there was nothing malicious in the email, so nothing to worry about. Sorry again.

You may read the complete finding at:
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