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I need to scan through my entire address book and delete addresses I no longer need/want. Ideally, I would like a list online where I can scan through and mark for delete those I don't want. Anyone know a simple way to do this?


Stumbled on a way to do it. I had View/ShowHide /Card Summary Pane always checked, never knew there was any other choice. I unchecked this and it gave me the entire list of addresses so I could scan through them deleting those I wanted to. Using various selection methods (Ctrl and Shift) I could select one or more and delete them singly or in groups.


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I have set SM mail to save addresses in the address book so I can keep them for those I respond to and don't previously have the address for. I don't trust my self to remember what I already have, so I don't want to use the right click on the "From" displayed in the mail. ;)

But ever so often I have to go through the "Personal Address Book" and delete addresses that already are in any of my 2 other address books, that are "Collected Adresses" and 1 more. If I set SM to store those addresses in any of the other books, I have to go through them instead.

So it would be a feature I like to be added, that SM could check if the address already is in any of my address books, before it add it to by me selected book. Or if it could open the "new card for ..." window and let me choose also at the "automated" adding?

Amen!! Every time I send something to my kids I get a message that the recipient doesn't want HTML. This is caused by capturing the addresses of outgoing mail, putting them in collected addresses, and then using that in preference to the settings in my personal address book.

Capturing addresses you already have is silly, using the ones you capture in preference to the ones in your address book is insane. What's needed is an option to not grab any address for which there is an entry, and do that by the actual address used, rather than the "name" portion. So if I want to edit the name portion, which doesn't effect the delivery, that is what's used.

There is a ton of room for improving this feature.

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