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Jimmy Lee schrieb:

Hello all. I am a SeaMonkey user since day 1.  Just recently started
biting me in the buttocks with v2.

Is it possible to go back to version 1.x of SeaMonkey? I upgraded to
v2 but it is just not working for me.  Constant crashes and I push the
button to report it.  The email notifies me of new mail, but won't
raise the window to the top when I click on the new mail

Works for me.

The columns available in mail are not customizable as

of course they are o_0

I can't see the size or account for emails in the Global

This was a user-setting done by you wasn't it?

I was trying to live with these shortcomings as I thought new
releases would come faster.  Great product, but I prefer the stability
of the 1.x version even if it isn't all I want.  Can I go back to 1.x?
Any data that needs to converted from 2.x format back to 1.x format?


SM2 copies/imports your data to a new SM2-profile, the old SM1 profile
is untouched. Feel free to install SM1 and use the old profile again.

btw: You can have both Seamonkeys installed to have one reliable 1.x for
everyday usage and one 2.x for testing.


Perfect. Thanks guys. I love SeaMonkey and I am anxious to see how
good v2 will be. I like the new features, especially automatically
reopening tabs upon restart.  But for now, it's back to v1.

Your choice. As I said feel free to have both installed :-)

I did add the size and account columns. They were available when I
right clicked ->  Customize for the columns. They aren't there in v2.

Uhm, in my Seamonkey 1.1.17 it is exactly the same as in SM2.0alpha. There's a "column" which is used to customize the columns by left-clicking on this symbol on the right:
Hope that helps in the future ;-)

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