Keith Whaley wrote:
Jens Hatlak wrote:
Keith Whaley wrote:
Sometime back, I managed to set my SeaMonkey (probably 1.1.16) up to receive scrolling news feeds at the bottom of the current window.
My first problem is, I have no idea what my News Reader is called, or I'd do a search for it. So far, I haven't found it.
I suppose it might be a plug-in, but...

I guess it's InfoRSS <>



Precisely so, Jens! That IS what I use.

Thanks a bunch. I now have it in my bookmarks bar.

Interestingly, typing "InfoRSS" into Spotlight or SM's Help window draws a blank. Nothing found at all...


One more  thing.

The InfoRSS FAQ says:

"Q: Can I read the news without clicking on the headline and opening a new tab ? A: Yes, since the 0.8.7 version, you can select this feature in the option dialog. If you move the mouse over the headline bar, the tooltip will open a mini browser and you will be able to view the full article."

This is what I'm currently missing in my v. 1.2.0.

I don't see an option dialog.
I used to have that "mini-browser" but it no longer comes up with a mouse over.

I'd like to restore that capability.  Please advise.

Thanks,  keith
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