I have several issues:

1. I'm having a problem with at least one add-on I added the other day. Symptoms:

a) As part of the status bar I have a inch long mostly blank space that has a red "^" on the left halfway down. b) Once I open the email window, and one other window, I cannot open up the "view source". SeaMonkey does know that I tried to open it. When I close all viewable SeaMonkey windows and try to exit I can't because it thinks there's a window open.

2. I don't know if this is another add-on issue or not becuase it's been around for at least two upgrades of SeaMonkey:

The Back and Forward buttons do nothing in the first tab (or main window if no tabs are open). In fact it displays the URL for what ever tab I was in last.

3. There used to be an add-on manager like FF has.  I couldn't find it.

4. I tried to uninstall SeaMonkey and re-install it to get rid of ALL personal settings (to solve the add-on problem - #1). I even did the re-install in a different folder. When I rebooted and re-installed, all my email settings were in effect. I couldn't find any file which SeaMonkey could be using that wasn't removed in the uninstall.

The first issue is my major issue.

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