So I should have probably talked about this a bit earlier - but as dates and plan changed quite a bit in the last month it's good that I did not.

The QA plan for the upcoming betas and RC is for now as follow :

        Litmus Full Functionnal testing (FFT) for thunderbird 3.0b3

        Litmus Basic  Functionnal testing for 3.0b4
        Litmus Migration from 2.x to 3.x for 3.0b4

        Litmus FFT for RCs
        Litmus Migration from 2.x to 3.x for Rcs

Dates for all of these testing efforts will be announced here and on

As you will see if you participate to the Litmus testing[1] effort that we are now breaking down tests platforms per os and platform. This let's us better see what has been tested and where.

For those of you who are interested in testing Thunderbird, litmus is a really easy tool to learn. You need an account (that's 10 minutes of your time tops), you'll need a copy of Thunderbird (which copy and versions will be announced on these newsgroups/mailing lists, they will be announced on and on the thunderbird-testers mailing list.) and then time to spend reading how to test , and enter the results of your testing.

On top of these lengthy events we will organize at least one test days - these will be announced on the thunderbird-testers[2] mailing list and probably here too.


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