On 07/06/2009 09:07 AM, Ludovic Hirlimann wrote:
> So I should have probably talked about this a bit earlier - but as dates 
> and plan changed quite a bit in the last month it's good that I did not.
> The QA plan for the upcoming betas and RC is for now as follow :
>       Litmus Full Functionnal testing (FFT) for thunderbird 3.0b3
>       Litmus Basic  Functionnal testing for 3.0b4
>       Litmus Migration from 2.x to 3.x for 3.0b4
>       Litmus FFT for RCs
>       Litmus Migration from 2.x to 3.x for Rcs
> Dates for all of these testing efforts will be announced here and on 
> qualiry.mozilla.org.
> As you will see if you participate to the Litmus testing[1] effort that 
> we are now breaking down tests platforms per os and platform. This let's 
> us better see what has been tested and where.
> For those of you who are interested in testing Thunderbird, litmus is a 
> really easy tool to learn. You need an account (that's 10 minutes of 
> your time tops), you'll need a copy of Thunderbird (which copy and 
> versions will be announced on these newsgroups/mailing lists, they will 
> be announced on http://quality.mozilla.org/events and on the 
> thunderbird-testers mailing list.) and then time to spend reading how to 
> test , and enter the results of your testing.
> On top of these lengthy events we will organize at least one test days - 
> these will be announced on the thunderbird-testers[2] mailing list and 
> probably here too.
> [1] http://quality.mozilla.org/documents-home/test-docs/litmus-tutorial
> [2] https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/thunderbird-testers
> Ludovic

For those that do litmus testing (smoke tests), I very much recommend
doing it from a fresh test profile rather than the exisiting user
profile. Using an existing profile (both for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey)
that has been customized for user use w/add-ons and extensions can skew
and affect the results.

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