I have called them and they claim it is because I have a Mac, but can't give me any answers as to why or if they are going to fix it.

David E. Ross wrote:
On 7/8/2009 8:58 AM, Barbara Norvell wrote:
I use the Humana website and am having a problem with one page - the page to order my refills. You probably can't help me with that because you have to be a member and use a password. Would it help if I went to the page and gave you the source info and page info. I can get the page to come up on a PC.

I get the error message:
This feature is currently unavailable. Please check back with us again shortly. You may also contact our Customer Service Representatives at the number listed on the back of your ID Card.


Mac Ibook G4
1.07 GHz PowerPc G4

I get the same thing (different words) at the AARP Medicate Supplement
page.  But it only happens on weekends, when they are apparently doing
updates to the Web site.

I suggest you indeed call them when it happens.

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