On 7/8/2009 4:06 PM, Barbara Norvell wrote:
> David E. Ross wrote:
>> On 7/8/2009 8:58 AM, Barbara Norvell wrote:
>>> I use the Humana website and am having a problem with one page - the 
>>> page to order my refills. You probably can't help me with that because
>>> you have to be a member and use a password.  Would it help if I went to 
>>> the page and gave you the source info and page info.  I can get the page 
>>> to come up on a PC.
>>> I get the error message:
>>> This feature is currently unavailable. Please check back with us again 
>>> shortly.
>>> You may also contact our Customer Service Representatives at the number 
>>> listed on the back of your ID Card.
>>> Barb
>>> Mac Ibook G4
>>> 768 MG DDR SDRAM
>>> 1.07 GHz PowerPc G4
>> I get the same thing (different words) at the AARP Medicate Supplement
>> page.  But it only happens on weekends, when they are apparently doing
>> updates to the Web site.
>> I suggest you indeed call them when it happens.
> I have called them and they claim it is because I have a Mac, but can't
> give me any answers as to why or if they are going to fix it.

They have a Web site that can't be viewed by a Mac user?

When I enrolled in Medicare and started shopping for supplemental
coverage, I discovered that Blue Shield of California (separate from
Blue Cross in this state) had a Web site that could not be viewed
properly with SeaMonkey, not even when I spoofed Firefox.  I called them
up and was told I should be using Internet Explorer.  I told them they
could shove IE and that I would choose some other coverage.

In my earlier message in this thread, I mentioned AARP coverage.  I can
view their Web site just fine as long as it's not during their weekend

You actually talked to Humana?  I called them when I was seeking
Medicare Part D coverage.  I gave up after repeatedly hearing how
important my call was for a half hour.  (See my

David E. Ross

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