Daniel wrote:
»MAP« wrote:
I installed SeaMonkey 1.1.17 and my mail worked. For some reason it stopped working correctly. Now I have a big gray area on the bottom of my screen with a red arrow head on the left side. I can only open one email, then my email locks up. I have to shut down SeaMonkey, delete the process and reopen SeaMonkey. This goes on and on. Any ideas?

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MAP, your browser problem is caused by you having one of your add-ons that will not work with SM 1.1.17. To find out which, make yourself a test profile (Tools->Switch Profiles->Manage Profiles).

I don't know it this will also fix your mail problem, but you never know!!


and I forgot to say, once you have created your test profile, apply one extension at a time to the test profile, until you break it.....then you know which extension you need to un-install/find an updated version of.


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