On 07/10/2009 04:59 PM, Martin Feitag wrote:
> John Boyle schrieb:
>> To whom it may concern: It has occurred to me that nobody is mentioning
>> what will happen to the Sunbird calendar program! I am wondering if it
>> will be integrated into SeaMonkey 2, or kept as a standalone, and if it
>> is being upgraded, also? O:-)
> Sunbird seems to be dead after 1.0 beta. I wanted to strengthen my 
> efforts to help keeping sunbird alive in august, but I guess it doesn't 
> look good without more helpers.
> Afaik the Seamonkey crew is working on getting Lightning to work in SM2.
> regards
> Martin

And you can follow along here:
[(smtabmail) Port Thunderbird tabbed interface to MailNews]
Note: this is why it's helpful to assist in Thunderbird 3.x bugs as was
posted a few days ago. Getting Lightning working in SM 2.x depends upon
resolving this bug (per kairo).

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