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Samuel S wrote:
Hello all.. I Am overloaded with a large slt file. How do I reduce this to gain more space on my Vista business machine?

I Am running SM 1.1.17

TIA for your assistance...

That *.slt should be the folder which contains your profile, where the mail and bookmarks, etc., are kept. On a default install, it's also where the cache folder is for the browser page downloads (images, scripts, etc.) You've most likely got a large collection of emails and/or web page cache info.

If you've thrown emails out, they've been marked as 'gone' so you don't see them in the GUI any longer, but the original raw text may still be in the files where mail is stored. Open your mail window, right-click on each folder listed and select 'Compact this folder'. If there're any lingering, hidden message texts, that should clear them out, one folder at a time.

To clear the cache (assuming no plugins): from either mail or browser windows, go to Edit - Preferences - Advanced and you'll see the 'Cache' item. Set max size, location, etc., and do a manual flush with 'Clear Cache'. After all that, see how much space you've recovered from your *.slt 'file'.

If you change the location of the cache directory, then clear the cache,
will that clear the cached files at the original location?

Perhaps the OP should clear the cache first, then select a better location
(if a better location is in fact desired)?
No the default cache won't clear, if the OP changes his location. The whole idea was to see whether that was helping to cause his large disk displacement. If he changes it, then the old default location will have to be cleared by navigating to that folder and deleting everything by hand.
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