John Boyle wrote:
To anyone: I am aware of what an anti-spam software does, but was
wanting to know what works best with SeaMonkey, NOW, and what will work
best when 2.0 is released: I am aware of 2 programs , by name, but not
sure how well they would work with SeaMonkey: one is Incredimail with
Spam protection for $39 a year, and the other is an add-on itself to
EScan, a virus protection program! I am asking this on this forum,
because I would like to make sure whatever I get is compatible with
SeaMonkey ,NOW and Later!????? Any help would be appreciated, and, if a
spam protection is being built into SeaMonkey, that would be good to
know, also!??? :-\
My two cents: the best protection against spam is filtering them out at the server level, not on your machine, since downloading spam is in any case a waste of bandwidth and time. Personally, I am perfectly happy with Spamcop which is well worth the annual fee it charges (some $30 if IIRC). There are numerous other sites which do about the same.

I realize this is not the question you are asking, but it is worth considering that route before deciding on any local utility.


John Doue
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