Martin Feitag wrote:
Arne schrieb:
I upgraded to SeaMonkey 1.1.17 a couple of weeks ago, from 1.1.15 and
since then SM is behaving strange every time I click on a submit button
the first time for each browsing session.

Does not matter what site it is, where I click on the submit (Login,
etc) button. After I clicked the button is marked as clicked on
(vertical dotted lines on each side of the button text), I have to wait
for 6 or 7 seconds before anything happens and the browser start to
execute what ever the purpose for the clicking is for.

After that first use of a submit button, the following buttons I
(eventually) click on the same or other sites behave as they always has
done and should do. I have not notice such a delay on submitting with my
previous versions of SM.

Anybody experienced the same thing? What is the cause of this and can it
be fixed or is it fixed in future versions? It's not a big deal, but
getting a bit annoying.

I cant't reproduce this, neither with SM1.1.17 nor with SM2.0beta1. Seems to be something special with your configuration. (An extension maybe?)

Don't think it's any extension, the same thing happen in a new clear profile.

I'm on Win Vista (Business edition) since a year back, but as I said this has not happen in previous SM versions on Vista. Of course there is a possibility that a Windows Update may change something, but can't remember having any at the same time I upgraded SM?

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