Tony wrote:

Is there a way to remove certain entries that have resulted from mistyping in the location bar? In SM 1.1.17 and below, I could remove entries by editing localstore.rdf. Now with SM 2.0b1, I can't do that it seems.
The data for the location bar is now stored in a new file.  It's a "SQLite 3"
database file and while it can be read with, it cannot be modified by
a text editor.  The file is named "urlbarhistory.sqlite" and is in a different
location from localstore.rdf.  2 options I can figure are 1) delete the file
and it will automatically start a new one(same as hitting the clear
location bar in Prefs) or 2) keep the one you want to disappear at the
bottom of the list until 30 others kick it off!  Or find/learn to use a
SQite 3 editor. (not for me)
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