On Jul 25, 6:22 am, ntekn...@monet.no wrote:
> I've maintained my Mail Inbox content since last five years about a
> couple of Gigs saved on a vfat file system. This Inbox has been shared
> between SM 1.1.16 and TB 2.0 on Linux and a some older SM version on
> Windows (dual boot Linux/Windows).
> Recently, SM opened the Inbox without previous content available, just
> started to download new mails. I have no idea of what can have happened.
> If I myself by accident should have marked All Inbox mails and tried to
> delete them, there wouldn't have been enought disk space to move them to
> the trash without an alert.
> I've verified this result with TB, and there is no renamed Inbox with
> the previous content in the Mail map on the file system.
> I've never experienced something like this during the more than ten
> years I've used Mozilla based clients and Netscape before that.
> Any idea?
> Terje

I have had the same occur with my Local Folders a couple of times in
the last few months.  I use a shared network location and something
happened and they got corrupted.  I always have a recent backup copy
and I had to restore them after the same corruption.

The only way is to keep a complete copy of your profile and when a
file or folder goes bad to overwrite it with the recent copy and then
all the emails for non-filtered email that has not been deleted from
the email server will re-download.  Restoring the entire mail folder
will cause you to loose the archived copy of any email sent since that
backup but all email that is still on the server will re-download.

I recommend on a limited storage email server to delete after so many
days after download, but on one with more or even unlimited to save as
much as you are able for longer periods.  If the email server allows
for filters and sub-folders then after deleting the spam and emails
not needed to keep a copy of, that all email downloaded to you email
client be moved to a read folder on the server.  This is because some
corruptions of your data files in SM or TB involve the storage of what
files and their status are on the email server.  When they go bad they
re-download everything causing all your undeleted emails from the
server (and for some they can be in the thousands) to be re-downloaded
wasting precious time and bandwidth.  I my case I have a quick
disposal folder for newsletters and requested ads from stores be moved
there and all my email from friends and businesses go to Read.  If I
loose a copy then I simply copy it back into my inbox on the email
server and it will re-download on the next request.

Hope this helps and sorry if you lost email that wasn't backed up.
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