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I've maintained my Mail Inbox content since last five years about a
couple of Gigs saved on a vfat file system. This Inbox has been shared
between SM 1.1.16 and TB 2.0 on Linux and a some older SM version on
Windows (dual boot Linux/Windows).

Recently, SM opened the Inbox without previous content available, just
started to download new mails. I have no idea of what can have happened.
If I myself by accident should have marked All Inbox mails and tried to
delete them, there wouldn't have been enought disk space to move them to
the trash without an alert.

I've verified this result with TB, and there is no renamed Inbox with
the previous content in the Mail map on the file system.

I've never experienced something like this during the more than ten
years I've used Mozilla based clients and Netscape before that.

Any idea?


Terje, just for your info, I also Dual Boot Win98 and Mandriva Linux.

First up, in SeaMonkey, have a look at Edit->Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings and select "Server Settings" on your mail account. At the bottom of this screen it shows the location of your "Local Directory"

Close your SeaMonkey and also close the "Quick Start" function, if you use it. Then in Windows, have a look at the programs still running by going Crtl-Alt-Del. If there is still a copy of SeaMonkey running, close it. Then restart SeaMonkey. Select Tools->Switch Profiles.....How many profile do you see listed?? More than you expect?? Try selecting the others and see if they hold your lost messages.

Report back.

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