Samuel S schrieb:
> Martin Feitag wrote:
>> Samuel S schrieb:
>>> Hello all, I have tried looking this situation up and cannot find a
>>> solution.. possible anyone here can assist?
>>> I Am running SM 2.0a3 on a WinXP Pro machine. When trying to listen to
>>> the following web site, nothing happens. By nothing happens, I mean the
>>> link opens and no sound nor does it appear that a connection is made.
>>> I have tried reloading the page and that did not work.
>>> When I was able to use ie tabs add-on, there was no problem when using
>>> SM 1.1.14. Any work around for this known?
>> SM (2.0beta1 here) tries to download the whole file before opening it.
>> IE8 does nearly the same, it offers to download instead of playing
>> directly. Maybe it's the site'S fault.
>> Your choices (based on Windows Media Format):
>> - Right-click on a Windows Media Link and select "Save target as" to
>> download the file and play it afterwards
>> - Right-click on a Windows Media link and select "copy link location" to
>> copy the address to the clipboard. Afterwards Start Windows Media Player
>> and select "File => Open URL" and paste it there. It will start
>> streaming the file.
>> - Open the preferences of SM and open the "Helper Applications" there.
>> Select the wIndows Media Audio and selct another action (e.g. download
>> or "always ask")
>> You may also want to check in about:plugins if your
>> Windows-Media-Player-Plugin is correctly installed/registered in
>> Seamonkey at all.
>> regards
>> Martin
> Martin,
> Thank you for the response... I find that my report was not clear, it is
> the "listen live online" is the challenge to access, not "Listen to an
> archived show"
> Thank you again...
> Bo1953

Oh sorry I missed that.
Tried it now but they won't let me start it from outside the US, sry.
If you have a smilar website for worldwide access, let me know.

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