Martin Feitag wrote:
Samuel S schrieb:
Martin Feitag wrote:
Samuel S schrieb:
Hello all, I have tried looking this situation up and cannot find a
solution.. possible anyone here can assist?

I Am running SM 2.0a3 on a WinXP Pro machine. When trying to listen to
the following web site, nothing happens. By nothing happens, I mean the
link opens and no sound nor does it appear that a connection is made.

I have tried reloading the page and that did not work.

When I was able to use ie tabs add-on, there was no problem when using
SM 1.1.14. Any work around for this known?
SM (2.0beta1 here) tries to download the whole file before opening it.
IE8 does nearly the same, it offers to download instead of playing
directly. Maybe it's the site'S fault.

Your choices (based on Windows Media Format):

- Right-click on a Windows Media Link and select "Save target as" to
download the file and play it afterwards

- Right-click on a Windows Media link and select "copy link location" to
copy the address to the clipboard. Afterwards Start Windows Media Player
and select "File =>  Open URL" and paste it there. It will start
streaming the file.

- Open the preferences of SM and open the "Helper Applications" there.
Select the wIndows Media Audio and selct another action (e.g. download
or "always ask")
You may also want to check in about:plugins if your
Windows-Media-Player-Plugin is correctly installed/registered in
Seamonkey at all.



Thank you for the response... I find that my report was not clear, it is
the "listen live online" is the challenge to access, not "Listen to an
archived show"

Thank you again...


Oh sorry I missed that.
Tried it now but they won't let me start it from outside the US, sry.
If you have a smilar website for worldwide access, let me know.



I Am surprized that you cannot access it, or is it the same challenge I have when trying to listen to the program? I have heard people from GB call into the program before and do not know how they gained access.

Thank you again and possibly someone else can advise also.

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