Bill Spikowski schrieb:
> More and more frequently, I'm having trouble sending emails.
> I'm using SM 1.1.n on about five different machines; earlier I used
> Mozilla and Netscape email software so I generally understand how to
> configure SMTP.
> These days my laptop will frequently refuse to send emails when I'm
> using someone else's internet connection. And some of my desktop
> machines suddenly refuse to send any more emails, even though they're
> configured identically to other machines in the very same office that
> work perfectly.
> The help files in SM don't offer much advice, and the company that runs
> my mail server claims to never have heard of SM and therefore assigns
> all blame to SM (even though I assume the trouble is at their end).
> Are there more extensive help files anywhere that might shed light on
> these problems?

I guess by having machines configured identically you have proven that
the problem is not on your end.
To make sure you could create a new profile on a machine that doesn't
work and copy the data from a profile of a working machine in there.
Then use this profile to try to send email. If it works...
for profile description see:

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