Martin Feitag wrote:
Edward S. Kostyk schrieb:
I am running Seamonkey 1.1.17 on Win XP Home SP 2.  I have set up a new
mail account (for my personal mail).  I would like to transfer some
folders (with their messages ) from the original account to the new
account, but I haven't a clue as to how to do this.  Can someone get me
going in the right direction.
To locate your profile, the Profile FAQ:

Information about the folders and files within the Profile folder:



Martin, you sent me on quite a learning journey with your references. As they say on Star Trek, "[I've] gone where [I've] never gone before" Unfortunately, this has now raised a number of questions that I didn't have before (probably a good thing). I hope you or others can stay with me to bring this to a conclusion.

1) What's the difference between a Profile and an Account? I have added 2 new accounts ("Work" & "Personal") as I've now moved to a new ISP with wireless. I added these using Edit > Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings.
I didn't do anything regarding "profiles".  Is there more for me to do?

2) I have located 2 profile folders : Profile\default\f68gg1hi.slt and Profile\SeaMonkey\snxbxfle.slt the first one has 6 folders:,,,, and Local Folders.

    I found that refers to my original account and refers to my "Work" account and refers to my "Personal" account. I don't know what the remaining 3 folders are for (,, Local Folders). I am particularly confused why one of the new accounts (Work) is named with "Sympatico" (my original account name), when there is no reference to Sympatico in the Account Settings. Have I done something wrong even though the accounts seem to be working O.K.?

3) As I want to transfer only specific folders and their sub-folders to the 2 new accounts, do I just Select & Cut the folders & files (not .msf) in and Paste them to either and

I hope you can make sense out of all this,

An old-timer trying to keep up.
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