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Martin Feitag wrote:
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I am running Seamonkey 1.1.17 on Win XP Home SP 2.  I have set up a new
mail account (for my personal mail).  I would like to transfer some
folders (with their messages ) from the original account to the new
account, but I haven't a clue as to how to do this.  Can someone get me
going in the right direction.
To locate your profile, the Profile FAQ:

Information about the folders and files within the Profile folder:


Martin, you sent me on quite a learning journey with your references. As
they say on Star Trek, "[I've] gone where [I've] never gone before"
Unfortunately, this has now raised a number of questions that I didn't
have before (probably a good thing).  I hope you or others can stay with
me to bring this to a conclusion.

1) What's the difference between a Profile and an Account?  I have added
2 new accounts ("Work" & "Personal") as I've now moved to a new ISP with
wireless.  I added these using Edit > Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings.
I didn't do anything regarding "profiles".  Is there more for me to do?

A Profile is the entire thing which stores all settings/preferences
which you might set by the GUI (concerning Browser and News/Emails etc).
It also contains all Email- and Newsgroupaccounts.
Every profile may contain as many Email- and Newsgroupaccounts as the
user wishes to.
You can backup and restore your profile entirely to any Seamonkey 1.1.x
installation at any time (at least while SM is closed ;-) ).

2) I have located 2 profile folders : Profile\default\f68gg1hi.slt and
the first one has 6 folders:,,,, and Local Folders.

    I found that refers to my original account and refers to my "Work" account and
refers to my "Personal" account.
    I don't know what the remaining 3 folders are for (,, Local Folders).  I am particularly confused why one of
the new accounts (Work) is named with "Sympatico" (my original account
name), when there is no reference to Sympatico in the Account Settings.
Have I done something wrong even though the accounts seem to be working

Those you don't know about are probably just leftovers from accounts"I don't know what happened to them" ;-) (except Local
Folders of course).
Feel free to test that by removing one folder after another from that
profile-directory and starting Seamonkey each time you have removed one.
As long as everything is at it's place you're just removing trash and so
you can delete that stuff which you have successfully take out and you
therefore probably don't need.

3)  As I want to transfer only specific folders and their sub-folders to
the 2 new accounts, do I just Select & Cut the folders & files (not
.msf) in and Paste them to either

Yes you can cut and paste the folders (each folder is represented by a
file, the one without .msf as you already found out :-) ) to another
account. It doesn't matter if this account lies in the same profile or
not. (I guess in your case all accounts are in one profile)
Easiest way would be to replace the existing inbox etc. in the new
account with your old one.
Note: If you already have mails in your new account which are not in
your old account and therefore should not be lost, you can't replace
them but will need to rename inbox etc. from your old account to
InboxOld or something like that and paste it to the new account with
that new name. Seamonkey will then automatically show those additional
Folders in your new account besides the standard folders on the next start.

I hope I could help and clarify some things.
kind regards


Thanks Martin, this should keep me busy over the next few days. I'll report back how things went.

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