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Hi Martin,

After copying, I cannot paste anything into SeaMonkey, nor into its
address book, with SeaMonkey off as you suggested. Sometimes the paste
icon is grayed out, and sometimes it is not; it seems to make no
difference. So, the abook. is sitting out there, and I cannot get it to
move to the SeaMonkey's address book.
Please paste that file into your Seamonkey profile directory, not into
the seamonkey program.
This is just a normal file-copy-command within windows explorer. So no
Seamonkey interaction is needed at that point.


Hi Martin,

I cannot find a SeaMonkey Profile Directory, nor a SeaMonkey Profile, on several searches of my hard drive. I found a SeaMonkey Manager, but when I click on its icon I just get SeaMonkey to open. I did these searches with SeaMonkey not running, as per your suggestion.

In Windows 2000 and later Windows-Versions the Directories are hidden by
MS-Default. You have to change this, before you can get easy access to
the Profile-Folder.

See: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder_-_SeaMonkey


Hi Tobias,

This may be the "aha" moment. Thanks ever so much for your clue. I'll try it, and will let you know if I succeeded. It is frustrating to have an advanced degree, speak 6 languages, and not be able to speak Windows.

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the new suggestion. I followed the directions in the link, and found the profile folder, and the abook. I dragged the isolated narrative old address book to that icon, and it "took" as its MB count went up appropriately. However, when I then turned SeaMonkey on again, and clicked on its address book, it still had only 39 addresses. I don't know where the old plus new ones are hiding now, but I sure wish that they would go to my SeaMonkey's address book icon, so that I could use them. They represent about 10 years of addresses, and I really need hem.


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