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JeffM wrote:

I strongly advocate NOT using HTML email.
IMO, a **smart** mail administrator strips off all HTML
and delivers ONLY the *text* contained in emails.

This assumes that all end users are children incapable of making their own responsible decisions.

A smart mail administrator will strip viruses and spam, but HTML should be at the discretion of sender and recipient. Next you'll be telling us attachments should be stripped...

Yeah ! Just having the "Subject" line - all the rest could be stripped :-) :-)

Heh, "Subject" line could be dangerous also. Example: > http://www.opednews.com/articles/Snopes-Warns-of-Virus--Em-by-Joan-Brunwasser-090117-931.html

Delete everything to be safe. Unplug computer to be 100% sure! :)
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