dominique wrote:
>I'm stuck on my WinXP based SM2 when opening an email attachment
>which is a file.vsd (i.e. a "Visio" file). Currently, I can only "save" it.
A personal preference (with a nod toward non-lock-in standards):
The longer you keep files in proprietary formats,
the less useful the files are. (Think: Export to .DXF.)

>Is there a way to add to the helper the use of the visio.exe program
>when double-clicking it (email attachment) ?
With M$'s track record regarding the 'Net
(first ignoring it then trying to cripple it thru incompatibility),
it's a wonder ANYTHING they produce works in an online mode.
Visio was obiously never meant to work with online apps.

The only vector-based formats I know of that work online
are Flash and .SGV.
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