dominique wrote:
Hello all,

I'm stuck on my WinXP based SM2 when opening an email attachment which
is a file.vsd (i.e. a "Visio" file). Currently, I can only "save" it.
Is there a way to add to the helper the use of the visio.exe program
when double-clicking it (email attachment) ?
is there a particular file to tweak for that ?

If you only get "save", then as far as I know, the file type SM thinks it is is application/octet-stream and those are usually executables. As it's often dangerous to open executables from remote sources, we don't allow those to be opened directly, we only allow saving them, as then Anti-Virus software and operating system security rules can kick in to make you hopefully safe from trouble. If the attachment would have some file type set that fits better what's in it (not sure what's the so-called "MIME type" for Visio), then we would offer you to select an application, but when it's marked as "some binary application" (application/octet-stream) then we go with a "better safe than sorry" strategy.

Robert Kaiser
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