Martin Feitag wrote:
dirk schrieb:

strangest thing, I have many bookmarks, and I noticed that when adding a
bookmark, it is nicely displayed at the bottom of the list.

But after closing and restarting the program, it's lost.... !?!?!

Same happens when I reorganize and move bookmarks, new sub folders are
not found, and therefore moved bookmarks have not changed position....

Any tips?

Is there a maximum nr. of bookmarks in the program?

There is no known maximum to me and I have quite a few bookmarks.
Do you have (lost) write access to that file/folder where bookmarks.htm
is located?
Is the html-fil stil valid? (maybe corrupted by file-system faults?)

What happens when you change the location of your bookmark-file by
setting the brower.bookmarks.file in about:config to another location?
Is that file usable then?

Along these lines. I just installed 1.1.17 and all the bookmarks from
my previous version (it was a bit old) disappeared. How do I "resurrect"
them? Any help. The same thing happened to all my e-mail.
Realy I need help. :-)
thanks.   ...lew...
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