Lewis Hartswick wrote:
Martin Feitag wrote:
dirk schrieb:

strangest thing, I have many bookmarks, and I noticed that when adding a
bookmark, it is nicely displayed at the bottom of the list.

But after closing and restarting the program, it's lost.... !?!?!

Same happens when I reorganize and move bookmarks, new sub folders are
not found, and therefore moved bookmarks have not changed position....

Any tips?

Is there a maximum nr. of bookmarks in the program?

There is no known maximum to me and I have quite a few bookmarks.
Do you have (lost) write access to that file/folder where bookmarks.htm
is located?
Is the html-fil stil valid? (maybe corrupted by file-system faults?)

What happens when you change the location of your bookmark-file by
setting the brower.bookmarks.file in about:config to another location?
Is that file usable then?

Along these lines. I just installed 1.1.17 and all the bookmarks from
my previous version (it was a bit old) disappeared. How do I "resurrect"
them? Any help. The same thing happened to all my e-mail.
Realy I need help. :-)
thanks.   ...lew...

Have they disappeared or have you just been using a different, empty, bookmarks.html file??

In SM have a look at Edit->Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings, select your mail account, then have a look at the bottom of the Server Settings screen for the location of your Local Directory.

Close this screen, then in SM select Tools->Switch Profiles and note how many profiles you have. Are there more than you would expect?? Try selecting each of the profiles. Is there one that you are not allowed into?? If so, completely close SeaMonkey (including the Quick Launch feature if you use it) and then give the three-finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and if SeaMonkey is still listed in the running processes, End it. Exit the C-A-D screen.

Re-start SM, and try and select the profile that you couldn´t get to before. Does it work, and are your lost bookmarks listed??

Report back if this doesn´t work!! More things to try.

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