On 8/15/2009 3:42 AM, Ken wrote:
> I'm still using SM 1.1.16, but I doubt that is a factor here.
> I have noticed lately that quite a few screens I have opened while using 
>   Navigator have had content 'bleeding' off to the right (to use a 
> printer's term), in other words, lines of text aren't wrapped.
> For a long time, this was never a problem when I was using SM.  Has 
> something gone awry in my browser?  All help appreciated.
> Thanks - Ken (in Oz)

Can you give us some URIs where this is happening?

Generally, this happens when the Web developer has made wrong
assumptions about the size of users' monitors (that everyone is using a
large one) or about the resolutin of the screen (1280x600 or more).
Both assumptions are contrary to good design principles.  See

David E. Ross

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