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I'm still using SM 1.1.16, but I doubt that is a factor here.

I have noticed lately that quite a few screens I have opened while using Navigator have had content 'bleeding' off to the right (to use a printer's term), in other words, lines of text aren't wrapped.

For a long time, this was never a problem when I was using SM. Has something gone awry in my browser? All help appreciated.

It is not SeaMonkey specific and _it is_ a long time problem with the content on the Web. Most probably you're encountering a Web form(?) which uses tables for layout where one of the posts contained in a table cell contains very wide image which in turn widens the whole table. See the attached example and preview in other browsers to compare.

Title: Text Wrap

Sample Image

Sample text pargraph which should wrap inside the viewport... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus in nisl turpis. Suspendisse ac erat vel justo blandit luctus et eu est. Nulla facilisi. Cras aliquam libero sit amet elit elementum vehicula. Nam non orci sed arcu pharetra posuere ac et enim.

Sample Image

Sample text pargraph which would not wrap inside the viewport... Sed quis mattis sapien. Vestibulum quis nunc in augue pharetra interdum. Donec magna justo, gravida ac tincidunt in, posuere eget velit. Sed eu orci risus. Phasellus bibendum malesuada euismod. Nulla ac ipsum sapien, eu fermentum nibh.

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