Norvin wrote:
Brian Mailman wrote:

SM 1.1.17

This just started today. When I switch from any other mail folder/mailbox to the Inbox, the Inbox has the *first* message displayed, not the last one. All the other folders/mailboxes are proper--the last message is displayed.

I don't see where in Edit > Preferences to set that. Not in Mail Settings either. I have Sort set as Date, Ascending, Threaded. Messages, Unread. Threads, Unread. Same as the others.

I don't know what I did to unset it.

Brian, I have experienced the same problem from time to time and in my
case I have accidentally clicked on the 'threaded icn' and it will reverse the order just for that mail box/folder. Hopefully it will be
an easy fix.

I don't have "Threaded" checked off to show, though. As I wrote, the Inbox is/was set exactly as the others.

However, this morning what I did was take each Sort item and click on something and then back to the original and now it's working. One of the mysteries of the universe, I guess!

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