How can I remove the dozens of email addresses when forwarding.

I want to forward email with pictures and text.

Every method I tried ends up with pics missing, with only text.

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Sounds like two separate questions.

1) After choosing to forward a message, click the "Address" button in the toolbar or choose Options | Addresses from the menu. You can then use standard selection techniques in the right-hand pane. Click "Remove" to delete an address from the message, or select addresses on the left and click "To," "Cc," or "Bcc" to add them. Click "OK" when done and you should see the revised list of addresses above the message.

2) Are you sure the pictures are disappearing, or are they just included as attachments? If you forward a message with attachments, whether or not you choose Message | Forward As | Attachment or Message | Forward As | Inline, the attachments will survive as attachments to the forwarded message. But if you're forwarding an HTML message that contains embedded pictures, you should forward it as an attachment so your recipient will see the whole thing as originally coded.

Please clarify exactly how the pictures are included in the original message and what you are doing to forward it.

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