David E. Ross wrote:

In most cases, if I do a Find on a Web page without the "Wrap around"
option, I get a popup with the message "The text you entered was not
found" when I exhaust all occurances of the text string.  For some
pages, however, this does not work.

I can repeatedly select the Find button on the Find dialog popup or
(having dismissed the popup) the F3 button.  I get no indication whether
Find is working at all.

One example of it not working is on the Reuters/Yahoo news pages at

Is this a bug in SeaMonkey (more likely Gecko)?  (If so, is there a bug
report?)  Or is it a problem with the affected Web pages?

I would count it as a bug, I have the same problem. If the search fails, it sits there silently without telling me. The only way I can be sure is to open the popup and click the button there, THEN it squawks that it couldn't find anything. But CTRL-G to repeat a search is silently useless when it runs out of hits.

SM 1.1.16.

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