stan pierce wrote:
I deleted every folder and file connected with SeaMonkey. I want to see if I can shut down and then bring up SM again. If this works, I can copy certain folders/files from my old computer into my new profile so I can at least recover bookmarks, address book, E-mails.

At this moment SM is working, mail, newsgroups, browser.

I am about to close SM and see if I can click on the icon and start it up.

If that works, I will add to this thread. I have not been able to do this all day. I am currently running with a Default profile.


It did not work. When I clicked on the SM icon, I got the small SeaMonkey window that has the SM icon and explains that SM is a suite et al. I checked the processes and SM is there in the list. I stopped it. and tried again and got the same thing.

This seems strange in that I had removed all traces of SM before installing it. It started fine. Let me do everything. But won't restart (or won't bring up the mail/new and browser windows.

Could it have anything to do with my 64 bit machine and/or Vista Home Premium? I was running OK on 1.1.17 but I tries backing up to that and it didn't run.

All my other programs run fine.

Help please.

I'm using the SWEET SUITE, SeaMonkey.

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