Need some help here .
using Mozilla 1.1.18  - Windoze XP SP2

this site I frequently visit underwent a massive changeover, their entire site was overhauled, so i was expecting some problems. one that I thinks relates to my mozilla browser, both version 17 and 18 - is my current problem

after I sign in to the site, which doesn't seem to want to remember my login info, and visit some of their info I get a message from Mozilla asking for - "SELECT USER - Select a Username to be entered onto this form" (no qoutes)

underneath this message all I see is "< >" (no qoutes). This site never asked for a user name before, once you signed on that was it. my initial sign on info allows me to utilize their site, look at their various pages of info etc, no problem moving around, but at various times the User Name message pops up

I then tried FF 3.5.2 to access their site, I signed on, asked that FF to remember the sign on info (which it did not), I then did the same type of browsing, and NO User Name question came up

why is Mozilla asking for this User Name ? (while FF doesn't)
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