stan pierce wrote:
I posted about this in another post but the subject of the post may have caused it to be overlooked so I am posting it again with a more meaningful subject.

The essence of my problem is that after I install, setup, and use 1.1.18, if I shutdown SM or my computer then I cannot get SM to start again.

When I click on the SM icon, I get the small
SeaMonkey window that has the SM icon and explains that SM is a suite et
al. I check the processes in the task manager and SM is there in the list. I stop it
and try again and get the same thing.

The only way I can get SM to run is to uninstall it and reinstall it. But if I shut it down, it won't restart.

This seems strange in that I had removed all traces of SM before
installing it. It started fine. Let  me do everything. But won't restart
(or won't bring up the mail/news and browser windows.

Could it have anything to do with my 64 bit machine and/or Vista Home
Premium? I was running OK on 1.1.17 but I tried backing up to that and
it didn't run.

I've also downloaded 1.1.18 again.

All my other programs run fine. I've had to switch to IE in order to have browser and mail. I really prefer to get back to SM.


Stan, I forget what was suggested in your other thread, but the only thing that I might suggest would be to close SeaMonkey, go make yourself a cup of Tea/Coffee or pour yourself a beer (as the shoe fits), then come back to your computer, give the three finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and see if SeaMonkey is still listed as running. If so, end task on it, and then try starting SeaMonkey the normal way.

It should be noted that if you have SeaMonkey in the Quick-Start section down in the bottom left of your screen, then SM should be listed in your running processes, as a stub of the program is kept running from start-up, but with todays fast computer, the time saving is minimal.


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