Good day

I have been using 1.18 then last week I was asked to review 2.0 last week and all seems to be ok till Monday when my hard drive crashed

I have 4 profiles all 4 worked fine after the upgrade I changed the settings in 1.8 to leave messages on server after reinstall in a different drive as the profile folder is shared I was happy to do a over writing backup of my profile to a separate drive

Now I have looked at Sundays backup I see a problem with the file

two problems one-does is each profile still separate now I see one mail folder containing all the files for each profile mixed together and when I reinstalled beta2 I get my archive email account as my default folder and I can not select any other account.

second I have looked into each mail account and find these news file spread across all folders---
these only belong in the news section as well I have 4 local folders
is Seamonky now keeping everything together or did I get a second drive crash?

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