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WinXPproSP3 Netgear RP614v4 Router..
RP614v4 was installed with the Netgear CD..
My Network Places shows the RP614 Icon..
Internet connection is made 0.k. with a wired connection..

How can SeaMonkey be made to connect by Wireless??
you unhook your cable
start your wireless connection
login to the connection- your router or any one else
start Seamonkey

The cable connection is unhooked..
I assume the wireless is started since the RP614 wireless Icon appears in my Network Places..


I do not go by any icon open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all

it will give you the ip address of your wireless it should show a 192 address if it shows a 169 address you are not connected in this case you must type ipconfig /release which will give you all zeros then reconnect your browser which will bring up your wireless dialog box for you to enter your wireless key then your browser will open

give this a try

I did not have/need a key to connect to my wireless - the rules i adopted is to permit only my mac-adress to be connected.
ok but did you get the correct IP from the ipconfig prompt

We should ask Mr. Willard - because he have initiated the thread :-)
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