Willard wrote:
Smiles wrote:
 Willard wrote:
 WinXPproSP3 Netgear RP614v4 Router..
 RP614v4 was installed with the Netgear CD..
 My Network Places shows the RP614 Icon..
 Internet connection is made 0.k. with a wired connection..

 How can SeaMonkey be made to connect by Wireless??
 you unhook your cable
 start your wireless connection
 login to the connection- your router or any one else
 start Seamonkey

The cable connection is unhooked..
I assume the wireless is started since the RP614 wireless Icon appears
in my Network Places..

Go to control panel/network connections. Right click wireless network connection and make sure it is enabled.

My notebook computers have either a button or a Fn-F-key which turns on the wireless system. When it is on a little blue ((i)) light comes on. I do not have wireless on my desktop, so not sure how an add-on wireless card is enabled.

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