NoOp wrote:
On 09/15/2009 11:44 PM, Cedar wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Cedar Lane wrote:
On WinXP sp2, ZA suite, AVG free, SM 1.1.16
https connections can be intercepted in all SeaMonkey versions before 1.1.18, please upgrade if you want to make sure that secure sites are secure.

Robert Kaiser
I did the upgrade, but the problem persists!  Any other ideas?

- Clear your cache, cookies, etc., and try again.
- Try it from a test profile & see if you get the same results. If not,
then there is something in your user profile that is causing the problem.

Thanks for the suggestion, but, this weird problem still persists. I created a new profile, completely default, never changed anything, and it still gives me this error.
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