On 09/17/2009 05:02 PM, Cedar wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 09/15/2009 11:44 PM, Cedar wrote:
>>> Robert Kaiser wrote:
>>>> Cedar Lane wrote:
>>>>> On WinXP sp2, ZA suite, AVG free, SM 1.1.16
>>>> https connections can be intercepted in all SeaMonkey versions before 
>>>> 1.1.18, please upgrade if you want to make sure that secure sites are 
>>>> secure.
>>>> Robert Kaiser
>>> I did the upgrade, but the problem persists!  Any other ideas?
>> - Clear your cache, cookies, etc., and try again.
>> - Try it from a test profile & see if you get the same results. If not,
>> then there is something in your user profile that is causing the problem.
> Thanks for the suggestion, but, this weird problem still persists.  I 
> created a new profile, completely default, never changed anything, and 
> it still gives me this error.

ZA suite... would be my guess.
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