Norman Fuchs wrote:
On 9/19/2009 2:52 PM, Norman Fuchs wrote:
I'd really appreciate some help on this, in SM 1.1.18, WinXP.

My Personal Toolbar no longer displays. I've looked at my Bookmarks, and there it is: i.e., in Manage Bookmarks > View, it is designated as Personal Toolbar. I've tried designating another bookmarks folder as Personal Toolbar, then going back to my original, but nothing changed.

In addition, my Adblock Plus icon is gone (I don't remember where it was), although the program is installed and working. I doubt there's a connection between these two problems.

Sorry -- I discovered (rediscovered?) that F1 toggles that toolbar. I must have pressed F1 accidentally.

Funny, I couldn't find any way to do/undo this in the Preferences, or anywhere else.
I'm also running XP Pro w/SM 1.1.18. The presence or absence of the Personal toolbar, like so many other items, is controlled thru the 'View' menu bar item (first toolbar displayed immediately below the top bar of the open window, starts with 'File', then 'Edit', then 'View'.) Simply click on 'View' then hover over 'Show/hide' on the next menu, the and a cascading menu appears. Turn bars/buttons on or off to suit.
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